Official Visitations of the Brazilian Vicariate and Teutonic Province

//Official Visitations of the Brazilian Vicariate and Teutonic Province

Official Visitations of the Brazilian Vicariate and Teutonic Province

The Moderator General had an opportunity to visit with candidates in the Special Formation Program in Brazil.

The ministry of the Moderator General and General Council is primarily devoted to animating the world-wide Congregation in the areas of spirituality, community, and mission.  As part of his ministry, V. Rev. William Nordenbrock, C.PP.S., is obligated to visit each of the members in the Congregation during his term.  This obligation stems from   Statute 51 of our Normative Texts which reads, “All major superiors are to visit the residences and members of their jurisdictions at least once during each term of office.”  

During September of 2017, Rev. Nordenbrock spent several weeks visiting the members of the Brazilian Vicariate.  The visitations offer a chance for the Moderator General to hear from individual members about their ministry, community life, and any particular issues that the members and units are facing.  The visitations are also an opportunity for the Moderator General to share with Missionaries around the world his own concerns for the life of the Congregation.  Following his return from the visitation of the Brazilian Vicariate, Rev. Nordenbrock departed for the visitation of the Teutonic Province during the month of October.  In the month of November, Rev. Nordenbrock will travel to the Chilean Vicariate for their official visitation.

Visitations are not all work.  Time is spent sharing in prayer, community living, and in recreation.  Following each of his visitations, Rev. Nordenbrock has commented that all of the Missionaries welcome him as a brother and are genuinely open to his presence.  

Following each visitation an official letter is sent to the leadership of the province, vicariate, or mission offering the Moderator General’s reflection on his time with the members.  

During the visitations, the Moderator General joins in community prayers.

Visitations offer the chance to see views of God’s creation.

In the Teutonic Province, Rev. Nordenbrock participated with various prayer services with parishioners.

Time together at the table offer an opportunity to share cares and concerns.








Missionaries and candidates gather for recreation.

The Moderator General also visits with parishioners from C.PP.S. parishes.















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