Croatian Mission Sponsors Spirituality Symposium

//Croatian Mission Sponsors Spirituality Symposium

Croatian Mission Sponsors Spirituality Symposium

Rev. Emanuele Lupi, C.PP.S. offered two presentations on Precious Blood Spirituality and St. Maria de Mattias.

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, over a hundred Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Adorers of the Blood of Christ, and lay associates gathered to reflect on Precious Blood Spirituality in Prozorje, Croatia.  The event was sponsored by the Croatian Mission and featured presentations by V. Rev. William Nordenbrock, C.PP.S. and Rev. Emanuele Lupi, C.PP.S. 

“Reconciliation in the Blood of Christ” was the central theme of they event which was held at Mission’s Center for Reconciliation which is nearing completion.  The day was filled with a rich program of prayer, formation, and grace.  Following the presentations, Rev. Ilija Grgić, C.PP.S., the director of the Croatian Mission, presided at the Eucharist.  The sacrament of reconciliation was offered thanks to the help of the local diocesan clergy.  The day ended with Eucharistic adoration led by Rev. Davor Lukačević, C.PP.S. 

Hundreds of lay associates gathered to reflect on the spirituality of reconciliation.

Fr. Nordenbrock’s presentation centered our call to be Ambassadors of Reconciliation.  His talk was inspired by the book Journey, by John Paul Lederach, who says that reconciliation happens when “love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss,” according to Psalm 85.  Nordenbrock noted, “To live the spirituality of the Precious Blood means to allow the compassion and mercy of God to shape our hearts so that we can become people of empathy and compassion.”  He also spoke of different tools to be used in our reconciliation ministry such as listening circles and the appreciative discernment process.  He pointed out that the key question is not what we will do and what we decide, but what God wants us to decide and do.  At the end he concluded: “People of the Precious Blood are people of reconciliation. We live in the joy of our peacefulness with God through the blood of His Son, and we respond to this gift by continuing the mission of reconciliation in today’s world.”

Rev. Emanuele Lupi gave two presentations. The first one was about development of the charism of the Congregation from its biblical roots to the establishment of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in 1815. St. Gaspar was led by the love of the Blood of Christ and the sensitivity for the mission and needs of the Church.  His second presentation was dedicated to St. Maria de Mattias, the founder of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ.  He spoke of her personal and spiritual growth, and the gift she introduced into the Church, specifically of women preaching. 

The Croatian Mission distributed various material dedicated to the Spirituality of the Precious Blood to the participants of the symposium.  Finally, at the conclusion of the day every one was invited back to the center on July 1 and 2 for another program which will include the relic of the Precious Blood from Ludbreg, Croatia.  

Article by Tanja Popec

Missionaries gather for mass during the symposium.

Members and Candidates of the Croatian Mission are joined by several Adorers of the Blood of Christ and Frs. Nordenbrock and Lupi

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