Community Life Symposium:  Day 5

//Community Life Symposium:  Day 5

Community Life Symposium:  Day 5

Rev. John Wolf presides at the Eucharist.

The final day of the Community Life Symposium was dedicated to the writing of a vision statement for an authentic C.PP.S. community life.  On Thursday evening the writing committee wrote a draft statement which incorporated various elements from the work of the small groups.  During the first three sessions on Friday, the plenary assembly had an opportunity to revise the draft statement.  In the final session, the participants engaged in a discussion of how the various units might utilize the document to revitalize their community life.  Some of the participants commented that the document would be a beneficial tool to use during the visitation of members.  Some also commented that reflections can be developed from the different elements of the vision statement.  Everyone agreed that it is important that the document not simple be filed away, but instead the Congregation must be challenged by the document at both the unit and local levels.  At the end of the session V. Rev. William Nordenbrock, C.PP.S. announced that the October issue of The Cup of the New Covenant will be dedicated to the Symposium.  He also thanked the participants for their hard work throughout the week and thanked the Italian Province for hosting the Symposium.

Rev. Walter Milandu, V. Rev. William Nordenbrock, and Rev. Emanuele Lupi.

Rev. Alois Schlachter, Rev. Rony Diaz Quino, and Rev. Ilija Grgic.










Mario Cordova, a lay associate from Chile, makes a suggestion for the final document.

Rev. Alan Hartway and Rev. Augusto Menichelli discuss a proposed revision.










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