An “International Ordination” in the Italian Province

//An “International Ordination” in the Italian Province

An “International Ordination” in the Italian Province

Rev. Oliviero Magnone, C.PP.S. exchanges a joyful sign of peace with the newly ordained priest.

On July 22, 2017 dozens of Missionaries of the Precious Blood representing all of the units in the Congregation gathered the parish of the “Sacred Body and Blood of Christ” in Rome to celebrate the presbyteral ordination of Alessandro Manzi, C.PP.S.  The ordination took place a day before the Community Life Symposium and so many of the participants in the Symposium were able to join in the celebration.  Along with the Missionaries, friends and family of the ordinand journeyed from his hometown of Cesena to be part of the liturgy.  

Bishop Douglas Regattieri of the Diocese of Cesena-Sarsina presided at the liturgy which included readings in English, Spanish, Swahili, and Italian.  Manzi has been assigned to the C.PP.S. community in Cesena and has been asked to spend time working with the St. Gaspar Hospital in Itigi, Tanzania as well.  

Rev. Alessandro Manzi, C.PP.S. distributes communion during the liturgy.

Prior to his ordination Manzi spent time in Tanzania ministering in a variety of Precious Blood apostolates including Radio Maria.  Manzi’s commitment to the mission and ministry in Tanzania was event in the presence of many sisters, priests, and lay people from Tanzania at the ordination.  During the liturgy they filled the church with joyful songs and music.  

The celebration continued after the liturgy with everyone gathering for a reception in the garden of the neighboring C.PP.S. Collegio.  In addition to the typical wine and snacks, the reception included several different foods from Tanzania.  

The day after the ordination Manzi traveled to Cesena to preside at a Mass of Thanksgiving at the Church of St. Egidio.  May God continue to bless Rev. Alessandro Manzi, C.PP.S. and his ministry to the People of God. 

Photos provided by Federico Maria Rossi.

Bishop Douglas Regattieri presided at the liturgy.

Rev. Luigi Cova, C.PP.S. assists the ordinand with his priestly vestments.









Bishop Regattieri lays hands on Alessandro Manzi, C.PP.S.

V. Rev. Chesco Msaga, C.PP.S., the Director of the Province of Tanzania lays hands on Alessandro Manzi, C.PP.S.

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