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August 15, 2014 marks the 199th anniversary of the founding of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Almost two centuries ago on this date, St. Gaspar del Bufalo gathered together a small group of priests at the Abbey of San Felice to put into motion a plan to renew the Church in Italy.

From that wellspring a small group has grown into an international community of Missionaries—priests, brothers, and lay associates—who are motivated by the spirituality of the Precious Blood to bring God’s reconciling love to all the corners of the world.

The Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary on August 15th as well. Mary’s yes to the angel is echoed in our Congregation’s yes to respond to the call and cry of the blood. For 199 years we have been faithful to that call.

This next year will prove to be a special one. For the past two years the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in more than 20 countries have been celebrating our past history and our present ministry of reconciliation. Now, in this final year of our celebration, we highlight our mission of responding to the cry of the blood into the future. And so, as we approach the bicentennial of the foundation of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood the yes of Mary, the spirit of Gaspar, and the love of Christ ring in our hearts.

Saint Gaspar del Bufalo, Pray for us!, Mary, Help of Christians, Pray for us!


Fr. William Nordenbrock, C.PP.S.
Moderator General






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