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Welcome to the website of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood




During the month of August we remember the foundation of
the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.
Saint Gaspar del Bufalo had a dream.
He said, “It is necessary to send out workers everywhere,
so that the earth will be cleansed in the Divine Blood.”
From the Abbey of San Felice of Giano, 202 years ago,
the first steps of Gaspar’s dream began to take shape.

Today, we remember our beginning and we celebrate
the over 500 Missionaries of the Precious Blood
who are spread over more than twenty countries
proclaiming the redeeming power of the Precious Blood.

Gaspar’s dream is coming to fruition in our very day.

Glory to the Blood of Jesus! Now and Forever!

Rev. William Nordenbrock, C.PP.S.
Moderator General