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The Dream Continues….

We are only a month away from our Bicentennial Celebration.  All around the world the Missionaries of the Precious Blood have been preparing for festivities not only in Rome, but in each of our ministry sites.  The dream of Gaspar continues to be lived out each day from Vietnam to Liechtenstein and from Tanzania to Canada.  From Giano dell’Umbria to Carthagena, Ohio and from Belém, Brazil to Częstochowa, Poland.

The best way for St. Gaspar’s dream to continue is for it to be incarnated in our very lives.  To that end, I invite each of the visitors to this website learn a little bit more about our history, charism, and spirituality.  Then take that wisdom and share it in your homes, parishes, and neighborhoods.  Glory to the Blood of Jesus!  Now and Forever!

The Dream Continues….

 Fr. William Nordenbrock, C.PP.S.
Moderator General